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Attention All Youth Volunteers

If you volunteer for This Old Horse, or are a Special Olympics rider for the This Old Horse Team and are under 18, you qualify to be in the This Old Horse Youth Group! What does the youth group do?

• Lead horses (if over 10) for "pony" rides

• Serve as stall ambassadors at This Old Horse events

• Give tours to people who want to learn more about TOH

• Serve as mentors for inexperienced horse handlers during the TOH Learning Series

• Get together to make crafts and socialize

Do you have any ideas? Let us know!

If you are thinking about joining us, please have your parent sign you up at

You will not be expected to volunteer at every event. You can decide what works best for you and how involved you want to be.

Thank you!

Fiona and Wendy, Co-chairs

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