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Volunteer of the Month (June)- Deb Sasse

Deb Sasse is pictured with Rosie, a stunning, black, 16 year old, shire mare. She was drawn to Rosie because of her gentle, friendly and loving spirit. Rosie is truly a gentle giant. Deb was able to find all those spots that Rosie wanted rubbed – neck and butt. Deb happily accommodated her as did many other people! Deb brought many other skills to make Rosie’s life a little better. Deb has been working on her Healing Touch for Animals Certification and has all sorts of tricks up her sleeve. Rosie was a great choice to be pictured with. It just shows how much Rosie was loved before she crossed the rainbow bridge. This beautiful picture is priceless. Thank you Deb for being her friend!

Horses are near and dear to Deb’s heart. She grew up riding them on her family’s cow/calf ranch in NW Nebraska. Of course she loves all animals and has 6 cats and a dog.

Deb came to This Old Horse about a year ago when a friend told her about us. They started going to the monthly open houses. Once she retired from the banking industry about 6 months ago, she started volunteering in feed crew which combined her love of horses and physical work. She also brings a lot of healing energy to the horses when she participates in Hands on Horses. Deb is just a delight to have around.

Besides all the time spent on animals, she enjoys gardening, reading socializing with friends and regular visits with her mother on the ranch where Deb grew up. It is a good thing that she doesn’t have a full time job anymore so that she has time for all of these other activities.

Thanks Deb for all you do!!

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