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Volunteer of the Month (October)- Mare Jarvis

Mare is pictured with Deja Blue Moon, a Polish Arab born in 1996 during a full moon! She landed hard at Wishbone – not because of the circumstances or her condition, but because she is a sensitive mare and her world was rocked when her family had to move.

Mare saw that she was always keeping her distance from the others. Mare led her out a few times and they just clicked. Mz. Blu had found her person it just took Mare a little longer to realize it.

Mare had thought that the three Polish Arabs as well seasoned trail horses in great condition would be snapped up in a heartbeat. Champagne the oldest went right away. Then Lacrisha decided to adopt Corey. Mare really didn’t want another horse especially an Arab mare but thought “well Deja has to stay at Wishbone too” and here they are.

After their ‘honeymoon’ period, Deja Blu let her know that she was not to be taken for granted and had to prove her trustworthiness. Mare absolutely loves this about Deja! She is rideable with a lovely trot and canter but only if Mare had the time to ride! Besides Deja and her other horse Mandy, Mare’s husband Michael adopted Cassidy so she has a lot of horses to care for.

Mare followed Nancy from We Can Ride. She believed in her and her vision. Per Nancy’s orders Mare has made TOH her own. She started by loving on Fiona and naming her. She loved on Faith and Hope when they came. That evolved into being a part of forming our grooming club, Hands on Horses. She helps out when and where she can – feed crew, mucking, events, cleaning, tours, …

Mare enjoys lots of outside activities – shoveling, skiing, biking, golfing, hiking, … and inside activities - yoga, reading, cooking, planning trips, … and connecting with family. But a huge part of her days are filled with horses because that is what she loves. In her words, “My dream come true!”

Thanks Mare for all you do!!

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