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Volunteer of the Month (November)- Tammy Morse-Durden

Tammy is pictured with Indy. He is a Morgan/Arabian cross, or Morab. Indy is 27 years old at 14.3 hands and a handsome bay gelding. Indy came to This Old Horse a little over a year ago with his good friend Huck. It wasn’t long before Huck was adopted and then the next thing you know, Tammy had made a special connection with Indy and wanted him to be part of her family. There have been a few ups and downs but these days it is mostly up, up, up! Indy loves to play and Tammy is happy to accommodate him! They are having such fun as they learn and grow together. He follows her around the arena and there are a lot of kisses and special moments together. They are both so lucky!

Tammy is an awesome volunteer of two years and helps in many ways. Tammy is part of the feed crew on Sunday mornings, and then leads Hearts and Hooves afterwards. She is often seen at special events helping however she can. Tammy plays an important role on the placement team by calling references. Tammy helps horses in so many ways! All this and she still has a job as a full time mail carrier (walks her route), and time for her family and friends. Not only that, but she does it all with a smile.

Thanks, Tammy, for all you do!!

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